The Raw Classic King Size Model

Raw Classic is one of the most popular Kingsize models available on the market. It comes in a variety of colors, including black, purple, fuchsia, and blue. They are also available in a 54mm wide size. This model also includes a Creaseless, Masterpiece, and Artesano option.

Kingsize Cones

Raw Classic Kingsize Cones are raw, unrefined, additive free rolling papers cones. These are a great option to smoke cannabis. Their unique shape design ensures an even burn. The cones are pre-rolled and are a much better alternative than rolling your own.

They’re made with natural unbleached plant fibers. They also come with a patented crisscross watermark to help prevent runs. With a 26mm filter tip, these cones are easy to roll.

They also offer a pure and natural taste. Unlike other brands, these papers contain no added chalk, dyes, or chlorine.

They’re a good choice for smokers who want to avoid the harshness of rolling papers. The RAW Kingsize Cones are designed to offer a more sophisticated smoking experience.

Kingsize Creaseless

The king size Creaseless Raw Classic has a vennilux of a quality and a vennilux of oomph, if that is what you’re looking for in a smoking paper. Whether you’re looking for something to smoke on or simply have to e-mail a colleague, the king size RAW Classic can be the perfect companion. And, hey, if you’re in the market for a new ol’ sexy booze hound, a king size RAW Classic should do the trick. Besides, who needs a big ole’ man to tame a tame sexy booze hound? This is not to mention the many perks and perks of being a king sizer, i.e., you get to pick a date and time that suit your fancy without having to worry about your ol’ ole sexy booze hound at the same time.

Kingsize Black

RAW Classic King Size Black Rolling Papers are double pressed for perfect thinness. These papers have an unbleached natural earthy brown color and are vegan friendly. They burn cleanly and are thin enough not to affect the taste of your joints. Raw Classic rolling papers are available in a fifty pack box.

RAW Classic King Size Slim Longpapers are made from 100% plant fibers. They are made in the dry warm air in the south of Spain and contain 32 sheets per booklet. The paper is also trimmed to a slim profile. They are ideal for back rolling techniques, and are finished with a hemp gum line.

Kingsize Artesano

The RAW Artesano King Size Slim pack has it all. Including a detachable rolling tray for future use, this pack makes the task of rolling a bowl a breeze. It’s also the most convenient rolling paper package around, allowing you to stash all your papers in one spot. And since it fits in your pocket, you can take it with you on the go.

The pack includes a number of impressive features, including a spring loaded rolling tray that allows you to roll your cigarette without the risk of tipping the paper over, a built in pocket-sized roller, and the innovative paper-fold over trick that closes the lid of the pack without the risk of slipping. All of these nifty gadgets are made possible by the RAW Artesano team, which is also responsible for a slew of other interesting inventions.

Kingsize Masterpiece

The RAW Classic Kingsize Masterpiece is a well made, if pricey, product that deserves more attention. This rolling paper is made from hemp, and contains zero chemicals. Its innovative design includes a proprietary criss-cross steam imprint to produce a clean, even burn. Also, the box is refillable. There are 30 pre-rolled tips included, which makes it a convenient and affordable way to smoke your favorite herb. Moreover, the box is reusable, which makes it a great gift item for anyone who enjoys the ritual of smoking.

For more information on the RAW Classic Kingsize Masterpiece, contact us. Alternatively, visit the Beaverton store to purchase your roll of hemp goodness.